About Retreats

These pages do not currently attempt to categorise retreats but patterns will become evident as the options are perused. RetreatsIreland members offer a wide range of retreats, with some centres concentrating more on particular types than on others.

Any retreat might be expected to allow time for silence, prayer and reflection but will offer varying amounts of interaction or input.

  •  An active retreat
    • A retreat based on a motif such as art, will take time to allow participants to explore their spirituality through the use of media.
  • An interactive retreat
    •  In addition to time for  individual reflection or input, attention may be given to allowing participants to share insights with one another.
  • A preached retreat
    • A group is led by an individual who offers one or more inputs during the day.
  • An directed or individually guided retreat
    • Participants meet individually with a spiritual guide – usually a  person trained in spiritual accompaniment – spending the rest of their time in prayer and quiet.