RetreatsIreland supports the work of retreat and pastoral centres in Ireland. Those concerned with the centres in Ireland are welcome to join in a video-conference conversation each Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Centres have received email details of how to join this conversation and are welcome to ask for them by emailing (Concluded ✦)

  • Tuesday 28 April 2020
    • Opening conversation
  • Tuesday 28 April 2020
    • Continuing conversation and identifying areas of concern as individuals and in relation to the centres with which we are concerned.
  • Tuesday 5 May 2020
    • Participants in the meeting will be ready to share some illustration of where they have been touched, moved or inspired. We will attend to how telling and listening to the stories of one another helps us in this time as we consider how our Centres may be of best service to people in a time of change.
  • Tuesday 12 May 2020
    • Now that the roadmap for reopening society and business has been published, what do you see of the road ahead – what do the milestones suggest to you, for your centre?
  • Tuesday 19 May 2020
    • Open Air: On the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’, in a time when appreciation of the natural world has heightened for many, what new aspects do we notice in the call to ecological conversion?
      • Keeping in mind the importance of action, what is emerging about who we are in creation, about who we are called to be as creatures.
  • Tuesday 26 May 2020
    • Considering our conversations and reflections of the last few weeks, what can we envisage offering to others in the coming months?
    • If we were to encourage and resource centres or individuals to gather others in reengaging/reimagining, what elements might be included? What aspects of life might be evoked?

On Tuesday 26 May, we decided to continue to meet in June, keeping the same pattern of Tuesdays at 11:30 p.m. 

  • Tuesday 2 June 2020
    • On Tuesday 2 June we invite those who participate to describe briefly what they have been/are up to. We realise that we have not heard of current activities directly since we began to meet. If you choose to join the meeting on Tuesday, you might have thought about how you answer the question, “What are you doing these days?”
  • Tuesday 9 June 2020
    • Following on our meeting of  2 June, the Executive has invited a risk assessor to join us. We will prepare for this meeting by asking identifying our key questions and concerns about reopening our centres. At this meeting we will begin to distinguish those that we might address to a risk assessor.
  • Monday 15 June 2020
    • We meet on Monday of this week to allow us to engage with a guest. A risk assessor will join us to help us to consider how to review and develop our policies and procedures. This meeting requires registration using the emailed link (mail of Thursday 11 June 2020).
  • Tuesday 23 June 2020
    • We revert to our Tuesday 11:30 a.m. time. Having met with the Health and Safety Consultant on Monday 15 June, we invite centres to respond to the question, “In the light of the published roadmap and guidelines, with knowledge of my centre’s situation and possibilities, what do I now see as the unfolding path that will see me begin to re-open to those I serve?” – that is, what do you now think you can plan? To join this meeting, please use the June link (sent in the mail of Friday 29 May 2020).
  • Tuesday 30 June 2020
    • We don’t propose to continue to meet weekly in July, but when we meet on Tuesday 30 June we will consider when we might meet again in July. The reopening of various aspects of society may allow centres to offer some activities, others will continue with planning; a meeting will allow us to remain in touch, to learn from one another’s insight and experience. (To join this meeting, please use the June link (sent in the mail of Friday 29 May 2020 or email
  • Tuesday 21 July 2020
    • Tuesday 21 July 2020 members will catch up online on Tuesday 21 July at 11:30 a.m. This will be an opportunity to see how our centres have had to take account of national and international developments and to hear about the experiences and plans of participants. Register here.

✦ This series of meetings has now concluded. Thanks to all who participated in these meetings. We are glad that they have been helpful and will propose a time for a September catch-up in due course.